The History of

In 2004, during a review of his work on the Province of Saskatchewan, world-renowned photographer Courntey Milne realized that, despite his many books on the prairies, he had only been able to share about 1% of his total Saskatchewan collection. This led to his desire to give greater access to his work.

Sasktel jumped on the opportunity to assist Courtney in gifting 5000 of his favourite images of his native province to the teachers and students of Saskatchewan through this unique website.  The timing for both this idea and generous offering couldn't have been more appropriate - Saskatchewan's centennial in 2005. 
Coolscapes, however, is a gift that keeps on giving, because the images are for teachers and students to use for many years to come.

Courtney's desire to share his love for his province also culminated in the 2005 publication of the book
Saskatchewan: the luminous landscape.  

All this was followed by a province-wide series of inspirational public and school multi-media presentations.  (Click here for a list of shows presented in 2005).  It was during this time that students not only experienced one of Courtney's transformational shows, but they were invited to participate in the Lieutenant Governor's Centennial Challenge.  (Click here to learn more about this and other past projects)

We are currently looking for sponsors to help us
gift a copy of
Saskatchewan: the luminous landscape and Prairie Dreams
to every school in Saskatchewan.

Stay tuned to how you can combine these books and the Coolscapes web site
to further educate and inspire your students.

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