Dear Teacher,

Thank you for taking the time to explore the wonderful opportunities that Coolscapes offers, to both you and your students.

As a result of Sasktel's sponsorship and Courtney Milne's heartfelt belief in the value of education, you no longer have to worry about copyright laws when downloading images for school projects. You now can access 5000 Saskatchewan landscape images in the Coolscapes Gallery to play with to your hearts' creative content. Use them as is, or change them in ways that help you achieve your curriculum goals. Imagine the possibilities - from classroom displays, inpsiration for creative writing exercises, to multi-media presentations. The potential is as great as your imagination.

Both you and your students have access to this site. You can use it for designing teaching materials and as a resource for student work. It's easy to use Coolscapes for all sorts of projects. Have fun with it! That's part of the gift we hope to offer you.

There are so many ways to use Coolscapes. The keyword-search tool in the Coolscapes Gallery can help you easily find images categorized by:

  • location
  • season
  • colour
  • artistic elements (eg. minimalism, abstract, aerial, impressionism, limited palette, photo techniques, high contrast, geometry, silhouette, repetition, reflection)
  • activities (eg people, city, harvest, skating)
  • machinery
  • vehicles
  • geology
  • structures (buildings, barns, fences, benches, tools, airplanes)
  • natural history (there are hundreds of flora and fauna that need to be identified!)
  • Saskatchewan history
  • and lots more!

There are more than 500 keywords for you to search with in Coolscapes.

In future we hope to assist teachers with more suggestions on using Coolscapes in a variety of subject areas. We welcome your participation - there's nothing like teachers sharing with each other for the benefit of the students. Watch the Home page for updates.

The best part is that, courtesy of SaskTel and Courtney Milne, Coolscapes is free! As long as students and teachers honour the intent of this website and use the photographs for non-commercial use only, this on-line resource will be offered without the use of a password. Just a one-time registration is needed to establish a username.

Why are we doing this?

Courtney Milne has always believed in creating products and experiences that open people to the beauty of the world around them. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, this land is dear to his heart. And although he's travelled the world, far and wide, he is constantly drawn to photographing this beautiful province. The development of
Coolscapes is a dream come true for Courtney - a chance to share his vision and his love. Through this gift, he hopes to inspire a closer connection to the natural world and nurture the discovery of both inner and outer beauty. It is our hope that you will become a partner in his mission to share his photography in a way that reflects that beauty, stimulates the imagination, inspires wonder, evokes spirit, and fosters healing on many different levels.

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